Legal translation

Contracts / Agreements / Protocols / Certificates / Judgements / Address confirmation / Bank accounts / Wills and Testaments/ Depositions and Affidavits 

Confidentiality Agreements / Usage Policies / Power of Attorney / Patents / Ips

Whether you are a law firm requiring frequent translation of legal documents or a person who is looking for a legal translation for the first time,

you should look for a good and skilled legal translator.

Legal documents require accuracy, specification of details and understanding of legal terminology in source and target languages, otherwise, when the legal document is needed, you may find yourselves in a legal blunder.

We at Gilbar use lawyers, notaries, and qualified translators in the area of legal translation.

We provide legal translation to and from various languages (Russian, English, etc.) as well as translation in Court (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting).

Notary public services.

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